San Antonio


Your two-day schedule in San Antonio will begin with an in-depth tour of the Port of San Antonio and Brooks City Base.

San Antonio is a diverse city of collaboration and opportunity. It has been said that San Antonio is demographically what other large cities in America will look like in the future. Its diverse industry sectors, expansive educational and workforce training programs, government and business community leadership work side by side to create a multicultural society that offers opportunity for all. San Antonio is a community that is interwoven in its daily lives and shared vision as a place where companies and young professionals can prosper for generations to come. Feel the vibe. Engage in the dialogue. Dance to the music. Taste the food. Try the new store of locally produced products. It’s all happening in San Antonio. A community steeped in tradition and destined for greatness.

Port San Antonio is a former military base that today is home to over 80 private- and public-sector tenants who directly employ over 12,000 people on the campus in the aerospace, advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, global logistics and defense.

Brooks is a 1,300-acre community where more than 3,000 people live, work, learn, play and stay.  Also a former military base, Brooks is now a place where 30 business are located providing jobs at an average salary of $50,000 in various fields including biotech and healthcare, advanced manufacturing, education, retail, and business services.

Your schedule highlights also include:

  • Walking tour of the Pearl Historic District.
  • Meetings with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.
  • Meetings with San Antonio city officials.
  • Dinner hosted by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.
  • Walking tour of the Tech District.