Action Plan

Our goal is simple:
Attract investments that will result in limitless real estate opportunities for Texas REALTORS®. 
Participation at MIPIM is our initiative to position Texas REALTORS® as trusted economic development partners. We aim to proactively create economic activity that generates business interest, which leads to commercial real estate, that then leads to residential. MIPIM is a commercial-driven investment showcase where investors and industry leaders attend to discover the opportunities available around the world. The MIPIM audience comprises of individuals with access to large-scale capital commitments and our action plan is strategic and focused to showcase all of our Texas metropolitan statistical areas:

Participating local associations are encouraged to develop meaningful partnerships with their local economic development councils, chambers of commerce, commercial developers, and other economic development stakeholders to present the most compelling marketing content for their jurisdiction. MIPIM attendees are eager to learn about a region’s profile including: development incentives, prominent industry sectors, existing infrastructure, access to talent, workforce statistics, and area trade zones. As local boards build these regional relationships, Texas REALTORS® will develop these partnerships at the state level to facilitate an integrated marketing approach to promote Texas.
We will work closely with local boards to organize its economic development content in digital format. Our exhibition space will also feature an interactive Texas map showcasing data on our metropolitan statistical areas. These digital platforms will allow interested parties to quickly determine what’s in our markets and what our markets can offer them. The Texas exhibition space will further serve as a meeting zone for relationship building and lead generation during the ultimate deal-making event of the year.
Having a Texas MIPIM presence is a statement—a statement that translates to credibility on a global level, an openness to foreign transactions, and pride in the Texas advantage. Showing at MIPIM is our commitment to the long-term benefit of our members. The measurement of success is the unrestricted potential—the potential to generate large-scale real estate opportunities for Texas REALTORS®.
Partnership levels for local associations can be found here.